About Thrifty Rental Cars Missoula, MT

We’re proud to introduce our leadership team at Thrifty Rental Cars in Missoula! Meet our senior team members and learn about their favorite cars.

Jerrys Mustang 300 CropJerry Woodahl – President/Owner

I acquired Western Rentals/Hertz franchise in 1985 and the Thrifty franchise in 2013 after a career in public and private accounting.  Having an accounting background has been a great benefit in operating a Hertz-Thrifty Franchise operation, but it is much more fun to own a car rental franchise than being a CPA.

My favorite car is definitely my 2007 Ford Mustang Hertz-Shelby convertible. Customers have asked to rent my Shelby, but I politely refuse because “Old Guys Need Their Toy Cars!”

Kim Yellow 300Kim Woodahl – General Manager

I was born and raised in Missoula and grew up in the family business.  After graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College, I moved to Seattle to pursue a career in the leisure and hospitality industry. Although I have had the pleasure of working for several cruise companies, I always dreamed of returning to Montana. In 2011 that dream became a reality when I completed my MBA at UM and I rejoined the family business.

My dream car is the Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible.

Julie Truck 300Julie – City Manager

Can you capture the scenery?  I am fortunate to enjoy Montana scenery every day.  Since 1987 it has been my pleasure to share Montana’s fantastic scenery with all of you. Whether you are visiting our National Parks, on our lakes and rivers, in our forests, learning our history, or enjoying family and friends, it will be my pleasure to get you on your way.

Julie’s favorite “car” is a pick-up truck. Great for hauling, outdoor and off-road adventures and for exploring all things Montana!

Cheryl's Thunderbird 300Cheryl – Location/Fleet Manager

Cheryl has been with franchise since 1990, except for that one year she tried something else. Over the course of time, she has worked in several different areas.  From a rental car agent to her current position of location/fleet manager, she has experience in just about every aspect of the business. Occasionally she wears the hat of the office IT person.

Her favorite car is a classic — a 1956 Ford Thunderbird, preferably in peacock blue and white.